Invoice service from Gothia Financial Group fully integrated

2012-10-16: The products BackboneCRM and Backbone4Media are now integrated with invoicing services from Gothia Financial Group.

BackboneCRM and Backbone4Media products are now integrated with invoicing services from Gothia Financial Group like Invoice Administration, Invoice Purchasing etc. Our clients have been looking for a fully integrated invoice solution to minimize adminstration and risk connected to the invoice process. The integration is web-based, in real time and with high security.

"Now we can offer our clients in all markets a fully integrated solution regarding invoice services. As we see more and more of our clients decide to outsource their invoice administration we can now offer them a flexible and cost efficient solution." says Johan Liljelund, CEO at Backbone Consulting AB

Gothia Financial Group
Gothia is a substantial supplier of invoice administration, invoice purchasing, debt purchasing and debt collection. Our core business and the very heart of our organization is to manage and collect invoices at all stages of the billing process. The Company has operation in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain with the main office seated in Oslo. Gothia has more than 1000 employees.

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Johan Liljelund
CEO, Backbone Consulting AB
Switchboard: +46 8 518 01 400
Mobile: +46 70 844 26 08


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