Great release week at Backbone!

2013-09-17: Really proud of the Backbone team after last week great release work.

Below a short description of what's been released from the Backbone HQ last week.

Bonnier with it's brands Dagens Nyheter, Expressen och Dagens Industri got the latest version of Backbone4Media including:
- Seamless invoice integration against Bonnier Solutions and it's centralized billing system UNIT4 Agresso.
- New and improved workflows that minimizes the administrative time needed for managing a digital campaign.
- Improved inventory management with better support for seasonality.

Backbone supports Situation Stockholm and their great work with helping homeless people to a better life. The new administrative platform from Backbone includes the following:
- Backbone's new map application fully integrated with Google Maps will help keeping track of all sales people.
- Seamless integration against Ericssons IPX (Netsize) to manage all mobile purchases.

More Information

Johan Liljelund
CEO, Backbone Consulting AB
Switchboard: +46 8 518 01 400
Mobile: +46 70 844 26 08


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